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The Rural Drinking Water Supply sector started in 1972-73 with the launch of Accelerated Rural Water Supply Programme (ARWSP) by the Govt. of India. The second generation programme was launched in 1991-92 as Rajiv Gandhi National Drinking Water Mission. With the involvement of community in planning, implementation and management of drinking water supply schemes the Sector Reform Projects came up in 1999-2000 as third generation programme which later turned to Swajaldharain 2002. To emphasize on ensuring sustainability of water availability in terms of potability, adequacy, convenience, affordability and equity with decentralized approach of involving PRI and community organizations the fourth generation programme viz. National Rural Drinking Water Programme (NRWDP) has come into force since 01.04.2009 with a vision "Safe Drinking Water for all, at all times in rural areas."
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